Your Perfect Cosmetic Pad Partner – any pad, any shape, any size?

How do you make sure you have the right pad partner? How do you ensure your pad is the right fabric, shape size? These are questions that James Douglas Limited (JDL) are used to providing solutions to.

As the only UK specialist producer of fabric pads & masks for the skin and beauty market JDL are your ideal partner when planning a new product or enhancing an existing line. We can help find the perfect pad for your application and provide a convenient alternative to bottles, tubes and jars of lotions, creams, liquids.

Whether, round, square, hexagonal the shape can affect how your product is perceived. At JDL we have specialist die cutting services that can produce pads in any shape or size. Lips, flowers, face masks, eye masks & pads and nursing pads are just a few of the many pads we have produced.

The largest volumes of our pads are sold for make-up removal (eye, face and nail) and teenage skincare (acne treatments) although our pads are used in many other applications.

We operate highly flexible machinery at our base in the UK, which allows us to offer shorter lead times and lower minimum order quantities so you don’t have to hold too much stock. We are at the end of a phone ready to provide support and advice.

Contact us at or call 01992 586553 and see how we can be your perfect pad partner.

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