Leaving the EU: What does it mean for James Douglas and our cosmetic pads customers across Europe?

Firstly, to say that I am deeply disappointed by the decision taken today by the British people. I would have preferred that the UK had chosen to remain as a part of the largest trading block in the world and remained a part of the decision making process that affects the laws, rules & regulations that govern trade within the EU market. The saddest thing for me is that, in my experience, the younger generation in the UK do not want to leave the EU.

Ultimately however we are lucky to live in a democracy and the people have made their decision. I truly hope that some good will come from this decision and that the UK will thrive in the “new post Brexit world”. Also that our decision might lead to some positive changes within the EU. In the meantime, there is likely to be political and economic uncertainty because no one really knows what will happen next. Let us hope that the leaders in the UK and Europe will stay calm and deal quickly and positively with the implications of the decision that has been taken by the UK.

So what does it mean for a owner managed manufacturing company like James Douglas Limited which operates in the UK? Yesterday and today we are still the same company. We still operate to the same international standards prescribed by the EU Cosmetics Regulations (ISO 22716). We still employ a number of non-UK citizens from across the EU and we still believe these good people make a significant contribution to our company and the economy of our country. We have enjoyed good trading relationships with customers & suppliers throughout the EU; we believe the same benefits exist today from dealings with our friends in Europe as were there yesterday. There will be inevitably be uncertainty on the foreign exchange markets whilst a new order is established and we will need to work this through with our trading partners. However, I’m confident that we are well placed to deal with the challenging period that will inevitably follow.

As for the future, I hope the UK will become a “good neighbour” to Europe rather than a “reluctant tenant” that we have been for some years now. I hope that our European partners will understand the concerns and fears that drove the majority of our UK electorate to vote to leave. Many UK citizens and UK businesses enjoy close and fruitful relationships with friends across Europe and I hope and believe that this will not change in the future.

Mike Hawkes
James Douglas Limited

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