Get in ‘shape’ this Christmas!

Getting into the Christmas spirit, and showing just how versatile we can be, James Douglas Ltd. would like to introduce you to ‘The Christmas Tree’ pad! Many of our customers will have received samples in the post to demonstrate that we mean what we say when we state we can provide any pad, any shape, any size! Contact us today if you would like to receive these samples showing what we can do.

Whether, round, square, hexagonal, Christmas tree etc. the shape can affect how your product is perceived. At JDL, we have the flexibility to produce pads in any shape or size. We’ve cut pads in the shape of lips, flowers, face and eye masks and many, many more. Our stock products are usually round or square with rounded corners, however, if you want to develop a more bespoke shape, then talk to us.

Have you considered a natural cotton eye pad in the shape of a flower to enhance your natural, botanical beauty range? Or could your pad be shaped like your brand logo to stand out from the crowd? Almost any shape you can think of could be used for your cleansing pads!

The largest volumes of our pads are round and sold for make-up removal (eye, face and nail) and teenage skincare (acne treatments) although our pads are used in many different applications.

As the only specialist producer of fabric pads & masks for the skin and beauty market, JDL are your ideal partner when planning a new product or enhancing an existing line. We can help find the perfect pad for your application and provide another alternative to bottles, jars and tubes of liquids, lotions & creams and wipes.

We are UK based and our flexible manufacturing process allows us to offer short lead times and lower economic order quantities so you can respond quickly to changes in demand and promotional activity without having to hold too much stock.

We are at the end of a phone ready to provide support and advice.

Contact us at or call 01992 586553 and see how we can support your business.

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