Eye Make-up Remover Pads – ask the experts

The removal of eye make-up is a delicate operation, especially if you’re a regular user of liner, shadow and mascara. Eye Make-up Remover products are specially formulated to remove all eye make-up and ensure that potentially harmful microorganisms cannot grow and multiply. The safety of Eye Makeup Remover is established by selecting ingredients that are safe and suitable for this purpose.
Eye make-up removal pads are one of the most popular products that James Douglas Ltd. supply. Requests for these pads are increasing as consumer demand for this regular, daily cosmetic product grows. We want more convenient and easier methods of application, not to mention, an ideal way to overcome airport restrictions on lotions and creams.
Our dry pads, produced for customers all over the world, can be dosed and packed into a variety of formats at our customers’ site, or we also have the facilities to produce the product, from dry pad to end product, labelled and packaged, at our site in Hertford (30 miles north of London).
Recently, James Douglas has also introduced their own eye make-up remover product for customers to consider. This was due to the increasing demand of brand owners wanting to offer their own EMUR quickly without having to research and develop their own product. Please contact us If you would like to receive a sample, we have oily and non-oily varieties!
We would love to have the opportunity to talk to you about your products. We are the only dedicated UK Pad Specialist and feel confident that we can add value to your company.
Please take a few minutes to visit our website to get to know us and contact me directly if there is an opportunity we can help you with.

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