Cosmetic Pads: the convenient & safe solution for carrying cosmetic liquids when travelling

Have you ever suffered the frustration, inconvenience and cost of spoilt clothes or damage to polished or painted surfaces when cosmetic liquids leak from a bottle or tube? The likelihood of a bottle leaking is increased during the normal “rough and tumble” of travelling in planes, trains and automobiles. Also, the bottles used for carrying cosmetic liquids can be bulky and not always ideal when travelling.

Airlines forbid bottles over 100ml being carried in your hand-luggage; they even ask that smaller quantities are packed into sealed, see-through plastic bags. If the unsmiling security guard finds a bottle of liquid over 100mls capacity in your bag then invariably your favourite product is unceremoniously dumped into a bin in front of your eyes!

Cosmetic cleansing pads pre-dosed with your chosen liquid formulation offer a simple way around these problems. Most leading skincare and make-up removal brands offer product in this format. By holding the liquid formulation within the absorbent non woven pad they help you to avoid annoying spillages. Often these wet pad products are packed in screw capped plastic jars which are strong enough to withstand knocks and bumps normally experienced in transit. Even when the packaging is damaged or the cap becomes loose the liquid is held within the pad and does not damage your precious belongings in the way a larger bottle of “loose liquid” might do. When the liquid is a particularly strong solvent (e.g. nail polish remover) the potential hazards of carrying liquids in bottles becomes even greater.

Moist cosmetic pads are allowed in your hand-luggage by airline security. Details of what can and cannot be taken in your hand luggage can be found at the following link: .

Even if you are not travelling by plane, pre-wetted cosmetic pads are a very handy and safe addition to any overnight bag or gym kit. Many cosmetic brands already offer a pad product as a convenient, simple and safe alternative to buying bulkier bottles of liquid plus a bag of cotton wool. Having trialled these products on holiday we find that many consumers like the convenience of the 2-in-1 alternatives and will buy for use at home.

At James Douglas Ltd we manufacture cosmetic pads in our modern production facility in Hertford, England. We have worked with a number of cosmetic brand owners and retailers to develop new cosmetic pad products and are always on the lookout for new ideas using fabric pads that fill a gap in the market. If you see the need for new products based on cotton or non woven pads then please contact us at or call us on +44 (0) 1992 874194.

By Mike Hawkes – Managing Director at James Douglas Ltd


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